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 "Drive Your Destiny " 

Become an Achiever   

By learning and implementing 3 quick and easy strategies to crush your goals without drowning in stress. Become an Overachieving Pioneer accomplishing Goals every Quarter with proven Productivity and Time Management Strategies.  Drive your Destiny  filled with  Achievents and Success Stories 


Learn to Prioritize

Stay Super Relaxed by focusing on what truly propels you to success with simple hack


Master Time

Discover the Little-Known Secret to Mastering Time and Energy


Triple your Productivity

Unleash the Secrets to Tripling Your Productivity without burning out that Schools Won't Teach You

Attend this Masterclass

if you are facing any of the following challenges 

Work Load 

If you are overwhelmed with workload and unable to manage your time and wish for more hours in the day


If balancing work and personal life has become so difficult that you are, feeling isolated and disconnected from peers, family and  friends

Unable to Focus

If you are struggling to prioritize and stay focused on your most important tasks and get distracted easily.

Stressed & Burnt out

If the pressure to meet the deadlines is taking a toll on a your well-being and you are getting overwhelmed, anxious stressed and burnt out


If you are facing constant struggle to achieve productivity to take care of Work and personal responsibilities


If the fear of failure, uncertainty and self-doubt holds you back and you procrastinate leading to "No Action"


You burn the midnight oil, slog  all day , spend  sleepless nights  but labelled  as not deserving  and overlooked for progression


If your  "To Do" lists are skyrocketing, your creativity and Productivity is suffering  due to Quantity over Quality   leading to Quick fix solutions, frustration and Demotivation  


You defer thinking that you have sufficient time, but  end up doing at the Nth hour, stopping you from achieving your  deadlines  leading to  loss of Credibility, Reputation


Reetha Gopalkrishnan

( APAC)-Ex Quality Assurance Manager 

A true leader by example.

Gita Mam is a person with immense experience in the Engineering sector for decades and now on to her relentless journey of coaching people towards achieving their goals and steering them towards success. She has a wonderful capability to explain the strategies and processes in a simple way, break things down to easily doable steps and also give that extra push to make sure that they get done. She would ensure that you leave no stone unturned in your journey of meeting your mile stones. It was a blessing to get an opportunity to be led by her and as part of a team, each one of us got invaluable guidance and support beyond our expectation to be able to cross the finish line and taste success .No wonder she is a Leadership coach and has absolutely shown it by example in the way she trains her mentees. In-spite of her vast experience and knowledge, she is a very warm, friendly and approachable person and truly inspiring in the way she continuously applies her new learnings in her life and shares the knowledge with others generously.

Ar Pratiksha Porwal

Holistic Health Mindset Coach

Gitaji is an outstanding personality!

Gitaji is an outstanding personality! She's such a towering figure yet such a humble lady that I have always been in awe of her!

Despite having achieved so much success in life, she is lifelong learner and is constantly on her toes to give something back to the younger generation. She's like a child at heart, extremely young, curious and excited about something new someone has to offer. When a wise person so powerful in her mind yet warm from within her heart holds your hand, there's no looking back! I feel blessed that I have been coached by a personality like hers! My life has never been the same after having understood about the ways & wisdom of life from her perspective. Thank you Gitaji for being there, when I needed you the most! Am honored, humbled and blessed.

Ar Pratiksha Porwal

Holistic Health Mindset Coach

Anu Goyal

Author coach and Mentor

Best mentor wonderful personality

I had the pleasure of embarking on an extraordinary journey with the phenomenal personality of Coach Gitaji. Her passion for making a difference in people's lives extends even beyond retirement, and it is truly inspiring. She is multitalented and the best leader I have ever come across. She is very humble.

As a best-selling author she has achieved the prestigious rank of number one on an international platform, Coach. Gitaji's accomplishments speak volumes about her expertise and dedication. However, her impact goes far beyond her own success. She has generously shared her knowledge and wisdom with countless authors, including myself, guiding us through the intricacies of writing, publishing, and marketing our books. She goes out of her way to help and guide us. She is an extraordinary mentor, and her influence will undoubtedly leave an everlasting positive imprint on your life. I am blessed that our paths have crossed.
Her expressions are clear, simple, and easy to understand.
Her Energy level is like a magnet. She is indeed an exceptional coach. I have learned from her that happiness is a choice that takes a lot of work. Everything is possible, but we need to believe in ourselves.
I wish you more success!

Disha Mohite

Leading Life and Business Coach

Gita Ji is an epitome of sincerity and dedication.

A woman of success and high productivity with an eagerness to explore more. Every session with her gives me moments of wisdom and deep transformation. I wonder how she manages to be so dedicated and involved with everything that goes around her. I highly recommend her to all those looking for success and transformation. She has a vibe that will shift something within you

Dr. Asutosh Jena

Business Consultant

Dedication and sincerity reflects in Gitaji

Dedication and sincerity are the keys that Gitaji holds and executes. During the period I have worked with her was truly a period to learn Leadership and dedication to accomplish the assignments. One can skyrocket his/her along with the team's ability in a strategic manner with her teachings, knowledge flow and of course a little push. She is a team leader, a teacher, a mentor and a friend to me

Chandni Sukhija

Mindset Mama

Geeta ji is an inspiration

Geeta ji is an inspiration along with being a coach. And when these two are married magic is created. She gave me the love of a mother and supported me through my issues and very simply I was able to come out of my problems. She is a great acheiver and still not stopping but doing what she does best - helping others succeed. Thank you Geeta

  Bonuses worth ₹10,000 when you attend 

Time  management  Cheat Sheet 

As Time is the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can't afford to lose,  use the tips provided in the sheet as a reference to follow and do the most important things for you to reach your Goals

₹ 1,000

100 Most Useful Productivity Hacks 

 100 Most used  and frequently  cited productivity Hacks curated  as a  small booklet   to help you   become more Productive  and help you to  achieve your Goals .

₹ 3,000

Certificate of Participation

Participants staying till the end will be sent the certificate of participation  on their email  id 

₹ 1,000

One on One Clarity Call 

This is only for the fast action takers..

 1 on 1 clarity  Call to understand the major goal you want to achieve,   and the  challenges faced  by you,    to provide you a clear path  and plan to help you  achieve the same within the next 3  months of each Goal-a-thon.  

₹ 5,000


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Gita Ramachandran

Founder Gita's Gyan Academy

Gita Ramachandran, a retired professional from a renowned Maharatna Company, is the founder of Gita’s Gyan Academy.

As a Digital & Leadership Coach and Life Transformation Strategist, she is highly accomplished. With two bestselling books to her credit, Gita is recognized globally and featured among the 21 successful leaders in the acclaimed publication “High Productivity Practices from Successful Leaders.” and in many books & magazines.

Her mission is to empower 10,000 young professionals, helping them to realize their dreams, achieve their goals, and attain leadership positions. Gita’s unique approach of “DREAM, DESIGN & DRIVE your DESTINY” guides individuals towards remarkable success.

Drawing from her own journey as the first female engineer in a male-dominated industry, she has mastered Time Management and Productivity Principles, making her a super productive achiever.

Having mentored over 500 young professionals, Gita’s expertise has earned her multiple accolades and National Level Awards including massive success for her mentees and coaches who have achieved their goals and achieved incredible heights.

Join Gita on a transformative journey to unleash your potential, fulfill your dreams, become pioneers and achieve extraordinary success. Learn the power of Beating Procrastination, Effective Prioritization Mastering Time , work-life harmony, and Exponential Productivity. Be ready to embark on a path of greatness and register for the life-changing webinar now.


Asian Literary Award 2022
Top 100 Powerful Personalities 2022
Top 100 Women leadership Awards 2022

Your Path to Your Destiny  in Your Hands






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Who is this masterclass for?

This Masterclass is targeted at young Professionals  desiring to achieve their dream goals, but are either unable to meet them, or do not know how to achieve them due to Procrastination, Dilemmas, Distractions, Unmanageable Deliverables  and Unreachable Deadlines

Working Professionals both men and women (Career professionals, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Affiliate Marketeers, Health Professionals, Business Owners, Sales Professionals, Teachers, Real Estate, Students planning to write competitive Examinations

Only for those with challenge of meeting  Goals 

 How do we get confirmation & intimation?


 After registering, You will get a confirmation email . In case you are unable to see the confirmation email , please check in the spam folder or the promotional tab and follow the instructions given therein. Become a part of the WhatsApp group to get further guidelines. 

Do we get Recordings ?


It’s a 90 minutes of Online Live session and recordings will not be provided.  Only Registered Participants can attend the session.  Please do register before the Link expires.  Zoom link will be sent by email to those who register and are on the WA group. 

  Protocols at Webinar ?

 Session will be conducted in ENGLISH

 Take Notes and Park your Questions to be answered at the end.   All your questions on the topics covered will be answered at the end of the Webinar.  

Bonus Gifts will be provided to the participants who stay till the end by email  registered with u s  

Gita Ramachandran

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