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Achieve your Goals without  any extra effort or getting  burnt out

By Gita Ramachandran  #1 Success and Leadership Coach 

"Join us for an exclusive journey of empowerment! By learning and implementing 3 quick and easy strategies to crush your goals without drowning in stress.  Learn from   Gita Ramachandran as she shares powerful strategies to supercharge your success to become Pioneers . Reserve your seat now and ignite your path to greatness!"

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What you  will  Learn 

Transform your dreams to Reality  

By Becoming an Achiever

 By learning and implementing 3 quick and easy strategies to crush your goals without drowning in stress. Become an Overachieving Pioneer accomplishing Goals every Quarter with proven Productivity and Time Management Strategies.  

Drive your Destiny filled with Achievements and Success Stories


Learn to Prioritize 

Stay super relaxed by focusing on what truly propels you to success with simple hacks"

Master Time 

Time is constant for you and me. Discover the Little un-known Secret to Master Time and Energy

Triple your Productivity

Unleash the Secrets to Triple Your Productivity without burning out - that which Schools Won't Teach You

Are you facing any of these?   Then Attend this  Masterclass 


If the fear of failure, uncertainty and self-doubt holds you back and you procrastinate leading to "No Action"


If you are facing constant struggle to achieve productivity  and to take care of Work and personal responsibilities.

 Stressed and Burnt-out:

If the pressure to meet the deadlines is taking a toll on a your well-being and you are getting overwhelmed, anxious, stressed and burnt out

Unable to Focus:

If you are struggling to prioritize and stay focused on your most important tasks and getting distracted easily.


If you are overwhelmed with workload and unable to manage your time and wish for more hours in the day


If balancing work and personal life has become so difficult that you are, feeling isolated and disconnected from peers, family and friends

Who is it for?

Don’t just take our word for it                         Testimonials 

Gita Ji is an epitome of sincerity and dedication.

A woman of success and high productivity with an eagerness to explore more. Every session with her gives me moments of wisdom and deep transformation. I wonder how she manages to be so dedicated and involved with everything that goes around her. I highly recommend her to all those looking for success and transformation. She has a vibe that will shift something within you

Disha Mohite Leading Life and Business Coach

Gita Ma'am's guidance has been transformative for my public speaking journey. As an introvert, her insights reshaped my perspective, emphasizing the importance of learning from mistakes. Her unwavering dedication and belief in my potential instilled newfound confidence in me. Gita Ma'am's comprehensive approach covered body language, tone, and pitch, making me well-rounded in my skills. The emphasis on regular practice, coupled with constructive feedback, became the cornerstone of my improvement. Her commitment, not only to skill development but also to nurturing confidence, is commendable. Gita Ma'am is a transformative force, and I am wholeheartedly grateful to her. 😊🙏

Shruti Parmar Research Scholar

Dedication and sincerity reflects in Gitaji

Dedication and sincerity are the keys that Gitaji holds and executes. During the period I have worked with her was truly a period to learn Leadership and dedication to accomplish the assignments. One can skyrocket his/her along with the team's ability in a strategic manner with her teachings, knowledge flow and of course a little push. She is a team leader, a teacher, a mentor and a friend to me

Dr. Asutosh Jena Business Consultant

Here is what you get at  FREE   only  for   today 

Time Management Cheat Sheet  

As Time is the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can't afford to lose, use the tips provided in the sheet as a reference to follow and do the most important things for you to reach your Goals

worth ₹1,000

100 Most Useful Productivity Hacks 

100 Most used and frequently cited productivity Hacks curated as a small booklet to help you become more Productive and help you to achieve your Goals

worth ₹3,000

Certificate of Participation

Participants staying till the end will be sent the certificate of participation on their email id

worth ₹1,000

 One on One Clarity calls  

1 on 1 clarity Call to understand the major goal you want to achieve,  the challenges faced by you, and  provide you a clear path  to help you achieve the same within the next 3 months of each Goal-a-thon.
worth ₹5,000

E book -  6 steps to level up your Confidence

Confidence means believing in yourself, feeling comfortable with who you are, and recognizing your self worth. Learn how to speak confidently with your Boss and those who matter

worth ₹2,000


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Meet your  Mentor

Gita  Ramachandran

Success &Leadership Coach

Life transformation Strategist

 Gita Ramachandran ais the founder of Gita's Gyan  Academy .Her mission is to empower working professionals worldwide to achieve their fullest potential and realize their dreams.                               Through Gita's Gyan Academy, she offers a comprehensive system Framework  called "Dream, Design, and Drive Your Destiny," guiding individuals to success in both their personal and professional lives. Drawing from her extensive experience as a senior professional in a male-dominated industry and her training under renowned coaches, She  provides actionable strategies and support to help individuals overcome obstacles, set meaningful goals, and unlock their true capabilities. Together, let us  strive to create a community of empowered individuals who lead fulfilling lives and make a positive impact on the world.


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Who is this Masterclass for?

 This Masterclass is targeted at young Professionals desiring to achieve their dream goals, but are either unable to meet them, or do not know how to achieve them due to Procrastination, Dilemmas, Distractions, Unmanageable Deliverables and Unreachable Deadlines.

This  Masterclass  is meant only for those who are finding it a challenge to mange their Time and meet their Deadlines 

How do we get confirmation & intimation?

After registering, You will get a confirmation email. In case you are unable to see the confirmation email , please check in the spam folder or the promotional tab and follow the instructions given therein. Become a part of the WhatsApp group to get further guidelines.

Bonus Gifts will be provided to the participants who stay till the end,  by email registered with us

Do we get Recordings ?

It’s a 90 minutes of Online Live session and recordings will not be provided. Only Registered Participants can attend the session. Please do register before the Link expires. Zoom link will be sent by email and on  to those who register and are on the WA group.

What are the Protocols at Webinar ?

Take Notes and Park your Questions. All your questions on the topics covered will be answered at the end of the Webinar .

 Session will be conducted in ENGLISH.


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